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Dementia Treatment

Dementia Treatment in Columbia, MO & Mid-Missouri

Caring for a loved one who might be suffering from dementia takes a lot of patience, love, and empathy. Neglected hygiene, frequently repeated questions and daily confusions are all common indicators someone is suffering from dementia. Without proper diagnosis and solution identification, dementia can cause a lot of stress on the family and the individual.

At Columbia Neurology Center, we test a wide variety of indicators to see what degree of dementia the patient is suffering from, if any at all. Questions about diet, medication use, blood pressure, heart and lung functions, and other overall health tests allow us to best evaluate the patient’s current state. We specialize in neurological exams that best align with common indicators of neurological trouble. These test include reflexes, coordination, speech, sensation and memory function.

Following the physical and neurological tests, we always assess his or her mental status as well. Is the patient aware of the symptoms? Do they know common information, such as the date, and memory functionality, such as memorizing a group of words? This proven process allows us to assess the condition of the patient and best provide a solution that is easily adaptable for their lifestyle.

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